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fashionable shoe bags

Handcrafted in Montréal



shoe bags

Designed for transportation. They protect both your shoes and the inside of the bag in which they are stored. We offer three models which can adapt to different shoe shapes.


The Classics

Delicately fitted to the shape of your shoes, this model is light and convenient. Ideal if you often needed to change out of high heels into light flats.

The Zip Up

Thanks to its zipper, this model is the perfect balance between protection and easy storage. Your shoes are completely isolated from the rest of your bag and take up minimal space thanks to the shoe cover’s fitted design.

The Risers

Your ankle shoes and boots have not been left out. This model also adjusts for better storage, and closes with a drawstring and an elegant metal stopper.


Elegance and refinement for you and your shoes..


Being yourself anytime 

ShoeShoeBags® allows women easy and convenient access to their shoes, and helps them manage their image anytime.